Rules and Regulations

Premises and Conditions

Conditions of Facilities Use - Use of District facilities is conditioned upon the following covenants:

1. All District policies are in effect and shall be honored during the rental period and while the
requesting organization is using the facility.

2. That no alcoholic beverages, tobacco, nicotine products, or other drugs are sold or consumed on
the premises by the requesting organization or individual or any of its employees, patrons, agents,
or members

3. That no illegal games of chance or lotteries will be permitted.

4. That no functional alteration of the premises or functional changes in the use of such premises
shall be made without specific written consent of the District.

5. That adequate supervision is provided by the requesting organization or individual to ensure
proper care and use of District facilities. The District uses audio and video surveillance to monitor
activity in the facility.

6. The presence of weapons, including firearms, is prohibited unless previously reviewed and
approved by the Board of Trustees in accordance with Montana law.

7. All District-owned equipment, facilities, and other property will remain unchanged and
undamaged and the requesting organization or individual will pay for any damages to District
property. All fobs, or other access items will be returned to the District. Access to the facility will
be restricted to the identified points of ingress and egress.

8. All attendees and participants shall honor and enforce County Health Department directives and
safety standards and School District policies regarding the health and safety at gatherings and
events held at the school. The requesting organization is expected to specifically comply with all
cleaning and disinfecting protocols outlined in District policy as attached.

Failure to honor these covenants will result in cancellation of the event and/or all available remedies under the law.

Rent and Deposit

The requesting organization or individual agrees to pay the District, as rent for the premises and 
as payment for special services (if any) provided by the District, the total amount listed in the rental contract, and this shall be due 7 days in advance. The requesting organization or individual shall be responsible for the actual cost of repair or replacement, including costs, disbursements, and expenses, resulting while it has use of the premises.


The requesting organization or individual, by signature below, hereby guarantees that the 
organization shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the District and any of its employees or agents, from any liability, expenses, costs (including attorney’s fees), damages, and/or losses arising out of injury or death to any person or persons or damage to any property of any kind in connection with the organization or individual’s use of the District facility, which are not the result of fraud, willful injury to a person or property, or willful or negligent violation of a law on the part of the School District. The undersigned organization or individual accepts and assumes all such risks and hazards.

Assumption of Risk

The requesting organization understands that the District will take all reasonable precautions to insure the risk of injury to individuals accessing the facilities or grounds is minimized. However, even though these precautions are taken there is still a chance of injury, and in rare instances even severe injury and death. The requesting organization understands the risks involved. Any negligence arising out of use of the facilities or grounds under this agreement shall be attributed to requesting entity as comparative negligence within the meaning of Section 27-1-702, MCA.

The School District DOES NOT provide medical insurance for any individuals who choose to access and use the facilities. 


The District will consider requests for use of district facilities for political purposes and activity in 
accordance with Montanan law. The requesting organization or individual agrees to abide by non-discrimination clauses as contained in the Montana Human Rights Act and the Governmental Code of Fair Practices.

District's Rights

The District reserves the right to cancel this Agreement, when it is determined by the District that the facilities are needed for school purposes, the event will violate District policy, or if the conditions outlined in this agreement are not satisfied. The District reserves all rights under the law to seek remedy in the event School District property is damaged